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This site was developed and is being maintained to bring light to the field of cross connection control and the dangers that exist to our drinking water distribution systems.

"How often does a backflow incident actually occur?" is a question that is often asked. This is a tough question to answer for several reasons:

  • There is not one central source for all of us to gather this information, hence BackflowCases.com was developed.
  • Some water purveyors try to keep backflow or tainted water incidents out of the realm of public knowledge, so stories are not very easy to find.

  • Fortunately, many communities have very active cross connection control programs and problems are minimized or averted.  HURRAY for them!

This site is here, it's current, it's relevant, and is important to us all. Water purveyors, operators, backflow program supervisors, municipalities, U.S. Armed Forces, large industrial and institutional firms, etc all have a need to become and stay informed in the field of cross connection control. Let's all work together to protect our water systems from contamination.

Do you have a legitimate news story about a backflow or potential backflow incident? If the story can be verified, we'd like to hear about it.

Do you have a photo of a cross connection, potential cross connection, or improperly installed or maintained backflow preventer? Please forward your photo to us for review.

We are doing all we can, but need your help! Anything you have that would be beneficial to others, please forward it to us and allow us to post it on this site.

Thank you!


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