Cost of Installing New Devices for Water Systems Irritates Residents

EMC News - With the cost of tipping fees, bag tags, water rates and taxes on the rise, some Kemptville residents are concerned with the latest requirement to install backflow prevention devices and lockable shut-off valves to their water systems.

Those concerns have prompted council to explore possible payment plans to make the changeover more manageable for residents.

Backflow Testing Debate Delayed

LAKE WALES - There's a lot of concern about a proposed plan to have the city do backflow device testing.

Mayor Mike Carter had asked to have backflow preventers on Tuesday's workshop because he'd received calls suggesting the city might take money away from local plumbers by doing testing in-house.

It also could cost residents quite a bit to comply with state and federal rules to have the devices.

Stolen Plumbing Parts Crippling Local Businesses

Customers hoping to eat at McDonald's on Wednesday received an unusual greeting.

"Sorry, we're closed!" said one employee.

The franchise located on Jackson St. was closed because someone stole its backflow valve located outside. As a result, there was no water service or water pressure.