Students swill on low grade water after drinking fountain found connected to recycled system

St Peter's College principal Tim Hogan says the school is working with the Department of
St Peter's College principal Tim Hogan says the school is working with the Department of Health to identify any health risks the recycled water could have had on students who drank it.
THE Department of Health is investigating how a drinking water fountain at a Cranbourne school was connected to recycled water, and what adverse effects may have been suffered by students who drank from it for more than a year.
St Peter’s College Principal Tim Hogan told Leader a fountain at the school’s east campus was connected to Class A recycled water following landscaping works at the school in December, 2013.
Class A recycled water is the highest class of reclaimed water and is intended for uses such as watering gardens and the irrigation of crops grown for human consumption.
“The Department of Health and Human Services has been working with the school to assess any potential health impacts but we are not aware of any student illnesses as a result of this cross connection,” Mr Hogan said.
“Advice we have received from the department is that drinking the Class A recycled water may have led to a slightly increased risk of gastro.
“I should point out that there has been thorough testing of all drinking water outlets at the campus and no other issues have been found.”
The problem was detected by a maintenance worker and the college was alerted on April 1. Mr Hogan said the fountain was immediately disconnected. more

City Of Jerome Official Reminds Public to Test Backflow Device

By KMVT News

The City of Jerome Ordinance number 1096 was passed in July of 2012 requiring Backflow devices to be tested at least once a year by June 1st. Therefore, devices must pass a performance based operational test by an approved Licensed Backflow Test no later than June 1st this year as well. A list of Licensed testers is available at or in the Utility office located at 152 E. Ave A street in Jerome. For more information, call Public Works at (208) 324-9669.

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