CAPE TOWN - Strandfontein residents are taking legal advice after their water was contaminated.

Last week a public meeting was held where the City of Cape Town provided feedback to the community over a confirmed case of cross-contamination.

Recently, residents complained about a sewage-like odour when they opened their taps and the city declared the water safe for consumption last Sunday.

Strandfontein residents saif they do not trust the city to do the contamination investigation, so they will take it upon themselves.

During a community meeting last week, the city said cross-connection had taken place at a local sports field, but at this point, it cannot explain who is responsible or how it actually happened.

Residents were not entirely convinced and after the public meeting formed a task team to seek legal advice about the matter.

Strandfontein Ratepayers and Residents Association's Mario Oostendurp said more than 150 people had come forward to say they have fallen ill because of drinking the contaminated water.

Health Mayco member Zahid Badroodien said over two days, 24 people went to the local clinic but were not referred to hospital.

He said if private doctors are seeing a high number of patients with the same complaints they will refer it to the necessary levels.

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