McAllen Ordinance Requires Backflow Preventers

Beginning October 1, 2011 backflow preventers are required by law in the City of McAllen to prevent water contamination. What is a backflow preventer and who needs one? Watch this YouTube video produced by the McAllen Cable Network.

New Phila Commences Backflow Program

Possible water contamination and other issues could soon be a thing of the past for some area residents.

Last week at a New Philadelphia council meeting, New Philadelphia Service Director Jim Zucal announced the city was planning to move forward with its new backflow program.

Zucal says the entire program, while not focusing on specific areas, will encompass a large part of the city.

Cross-Connections Still the Major Topic of Kirkland Question Period

Attendance was about half of the last Kirkland council meeting held at the beginning of the month but those who came still voiced their concerns over the fact that the owners of the suspected homes with cross connected pipes have to pay for the work themselves.

A resident, who had written a letter to Mayor John Meaney, asked council why the city hired two lawyers instead of two inspection engineers to help out the affected citizens. “I am not going to answer that question,” Meaney said. “I will take it under advisement and respond to you in writing.”

Questions Over Water Quality at Philly Airport

Philadelphia International Airport has lost its "approved" status for watering and aircraft servicing, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said in an Aug. 9 warning letter to airport executive Mark Gale.

In the warning letter, FDA put Philadelphia International Airport on "provisional" status, giving it 30 days to either regain approved status or face being listed as "non-approved" for carrier use.  In the worst case scenario, being non-approved could shut down all or part of one of the East Coast's second-tier airports.

Magnolia Homeowners Must Have Backflow Prevention Devices Tested

Magnolia homeowners with underground lawn sprinkler systems will soon experience full enforcement of inspection requirements.

Magnolia Water System general manager Robert Baxley said the city has had "Cross Connection Program Ordinance 6-02" in place since May 2006, but that it hasn't been fully enforced.

Baxley said in a statement that he had a meeting with the Arkansas Department of Health's cross connection program administrator, and was advised to enforce its rules.

A Sneak A-Tax Arrives in the Mail

To the editor:

We have received a letter from a certain Mr. Al Hildred of Aquarion Water Company, who has the wonderful title of "Cross Connection Control." He informs us that according to PHC Reg 19-13-B38 we must have our lawn irrigation system checked to ensure that we have a backflow prevention device and that it is functioning properly, lest we unluckily die of contamination due to back-siphonage or back-pressure. Further, the price for this test is $55. I am informed by our provider that Aquarion will do the test for the same price.

W. Dundee to Survey Property Owners on Need for Backflow Device

WEST DUNDEE — Weekend warriors who have installed their own lawn irrigation systems without a permit are destined to inherit another project, village officials say.

Following Illinois Environmental Protection Agency regulations, the village board recently adopted a survey process to determine if residents need to install a backflow prevention device on their property.

The device, used to protect the public water supply from contamination or pollution, already can be found on more than a quarter of the properties in the village, West Dundee Public Works Director Rich Babica said.