Officials: Water OK to use, drink in Neville Township

Officials in Neville Township, Allegheny County, have issued a warning to residents to not drink their water due to a backflow in the water system of approximately 2,000 gallons.
Officials said the content of the backflow was determined to originate from a fire suppression system.
The "Do Not Use Notice" has been lifted, but a "Do Not Drink Notice" is now in effect.
Bathing, hand washing, making ice, brushing teeth and washing dishes is not prohibited.
Water will be available at the Neville Island Fire Department on Grand Avenue.
Officials also said not to boil, freeze or filter the water since the content of the backflow is currently unknown.
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City of Denton Issues Boil Water Notice for Residents Near UNT

DENTON  (WBAP/KLIF News) – Some Denton residents are still under a boil water notice Friday.
The City of Denton issued the notice Thursday afternoon after staff at the University of North Texas notified the city of something strange about the water.
“We had a cross connection in our water system. In this case, a source of non-potable water was connected to our water potable water system. This connection did not take place by our city staff,” said the city’s Ryan Adams.
The cross connection stemmed from a storm water pond and the city’s public supply.
“In those cases, there is always a potential, even it its remote, for slight contamination of our public water system. In an abundance of caution, we issued a boil water notice and immediately isolated this area of our system and started flushing our system,” said Adams.
The notice affects residents south of I-35, north of Highland Park Road, west of Kendolph Drive and east of Western Boulevard.
The city said it plans to issue and update this afternoon. Officials are asking affected residents to check the city’s website and social media pages for information.
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Boil-water notice lifted in southwest Denton