Source of Clinton City’s water contamination traced to cross-connection at single home

CLINTON, Utah — Clinton City’s public works department said they’ve discovered the cause of last week’s city-wide culinaary water contamination was a single home where someone created a cross connection between the culinary and secondary water systems.
Residents in Clinton were on a boil water advisory for nearly a week after the city detected coliform in the water.
Officials with the public works department said they were able to locate the problem fairly quickly, and they lifted the boil order last Thursday.
“Pretty early on in the process, the contamination was ended, but the testing process goes on for quite a while afterwards to verify that the water is clean,” said Michael Chad, who is the Clinton City Public Works director.
Chad said it is very important that the two water systems stay separate in order to prevent contamination from happening. Culinary water is treated for drinking while secondary water is used for things like irrigation.
The city is now considering system changes to prevent a contamination from happening again. Anyone who believes their system may be cross-connected should call Clinton City Public Works.