Colorado Springs Cross Contamination Control Event

On Oct. 26, 2012 a cross connection was created at the Printers Park Medical Plaza in Colorado Springs. This cross connection contaminated the Plaza's potable supply system, primarily with propylene glycol. Twenty-six people got sick after drinking the contaminated water. The contaminant was believed to have come from the building's HVAC system where propylene glycol was present.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Water Quality Control Division with the help of El Paso County Public Health and information provided from Colorado Springs Utilities, responded and subsequently documented the event. The report Drinking Water Waterborne Disease Outbreak, Printers Park Medical Plaza, documenting the event, investigation, observations, conclusions and recommendations associated with the event is available on our website. While this was a waterborne disease outbreak, it did not occur because of a problem that a regulated public water system could control.

Propylene glycol, the presumed contaminant, drawn from a spigot in the Printers Park Medical Plaza mechanical room.

Per sources, 26 people got sick and the facilities were shut down for days: