Strongsville Residents Complain About Water Department Backflow Valve Inspection Fee

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - The Cleveland Division of Water is more vigorously enforcing annual backflow valve inspections for newer homes that have lawn sprinkling systems, but some Strongsville residents claim enforcement is unfair.

A relatively new law requires residents to hire a state-certified plumber to check a home's backflow valve in an effort to prevent home water supply contamination.

But some residents living in Strongsville's Pine Lake's Crossing subdivision said enforcement of the inspections is piecemeal and random.

"Supposedly 85 percent of the residents in this development have sprinkling systems, but for some reason we're the only ones on this street who have to do the test," said resident Rob Williams.

Williams told NewsChannel5 his home and 10 other have been required to hire a plumber for backflow valve inspections, at a cost of $50 for the past three years. Williams said there are other newer homes in his subdivision that have not been ordered to make the annual inspections.

Residents said they called the Cleveland Division of Water for an explanation on the inspection enforcement process, but claim they couldn't get a straight answer.

"I'm really upset, and all my neighbors are wearing the same shoe," said resident John Covic. "Making us pay this money is unfair."

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